Interactive Lessons

The core of the Guitar Notes Master learning method is a series of interactive lessons that combine clearly explained concepts of fretboard theory with simple exercises performed on the Virtual Fretboard in order to help you rapidly absorb and retain the information in the lessons.

Lessons Tab

The lessons are structured to teach the foundations of guitar fretboard theory starting from first principles of relationships between notes on the fretboard. These simple building blocks are then steadily expanded step-by-step to enable the guitarist to understand how these can then be used to form scales, chords and arpeggios. The emphasis throughout the lessons is on truly understanding the fretboard, not just learning by rote.

The Guitar Notes Master method gives the guitarist a number of advantages over traditional methods of attempting to memorise scale and chord patterns:

  • Understanding how intervals are related on the fretboard enables fluid improvisation up and down the neck without resorting to the same-old scale patterns.
  • Understanding how chords and scales are built from these interval patterns enables the guitarist to find chord voicings and scale patterns anywhere on the guitar neck in order to fit your arrangement perfectly.
  • Learning to build chords from first principles means that you can play even the most complex chord without resorting to a dictionary.
  • Effective fretboard navigation using easily memorable techniques will help you to find notes rapidly and improve sight-reading skills.

Learning the guitar by memorising chord shapes and scale patterns will only get you so far - to truly develop your skills as a guitarist you need to understand the fretboard, which is where Guitar Notes Master can help.

The Virtual Fretboard

Virtual Fretboard

The core of the Guitar Notes Master experience that really sets it apart from book learning methods is the Virtual Fretboard. This enables lesson examples to be displayed clearly and interactive questions to be incorporated into the lessons in order to ensure that the content of the lessons is well understood. The Virtual Fretboard also has a number of other features to help with learning:

  • Switch display of note labels between note names and intervals.
  • Highlight correct and incorrect answers as well as correct notes played on the wrong string.
  • Play displayed notes/chords.
  • Switch to left-handed orientation if required.

The Virtual Fretboard can also be customized to your preferences, with a variety of color schemes and options to adjust note positioning.