Guitar Exercises

Guitar Tab

Once you've completed some lessons and had plenty of time to practice the material, the time will come to transfer your new knowledge on to the guitar and really get the theory "under your fingers". Guitar Notes Master can help you here as well with the Guitar page.

On the Guitar page you can select any scale pattern or chord type from those covered in the lessons and Guitar Notes Master will generate a series of exercises in tablature form to help you develop the muscle memory required for you to play the patterns fluidly. The scale exercises include a variety of patterns to enable you to vary your practice and learn the scales in more musical ways than just simple ascending and descending patterns, including patterns involving ascending and descending in different groups of notes and patterns involving jumping steps of the scale.


Of course you can read all of the exercises on screen, and the patterns will also be displayed on the Virtual Fretboard to help you visualize them. Alternatively, if you prefer a printed exercise sheet then Guitar Notes Master can create that as well.

Please note that the Guitar Exercises section is exclusive to the Windows PC version of Guitar Notes Master and is not currently available in Guitar Notes Master for Android.