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Do you have a website, blog, Twitter feed, or mailing list where you would like to publicise Guitar Notes Master for PC? Are you a guitar teacher who would like to promote Guitar Notes Master for PC to your pupils and make some money in the process? If you join our affiliate program then you can make 60% commission (minus Clickbank fees) on every sale of Guitar Notes Master for PC that is made through your affiliate link. (Does not apply to the Android version, please see notes below).

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Why should you promote Guitar Notes Master? Here are a few reasons:

  • It's not just another beginners guitar course like so many of the products around. In fact it appeals to guitarists of almost any level, as nearly all guitarists recognise that they need to improve their fretboard knowledge. It's also applicable to guitarists in any genre, so the potential market is all but the most experienced guitarists - not just beginners, or blues/rock/metal guitarists, but nearly all guitarists!
  • It's not yet another overpriced eBook - it's a high quality software application that users love.
  • Our affiliate program is managed through Clickbank - one of the most respected digital product retail outlets around, so you can be assured of regular secure payouts of your commissions.
  • By promoting Guitar Notes Master you're helping guitarists all over the world to play better!
  • Did I mention it pays over $20 per sale??

Are You a Guitar Teacher?

The great thing about Guitar Notes Master is that unlike many guitar tuition products around, it's not trying to do you out of a job! Wouldn't you rather let Guitar Notes Master take care of your pupils' learning of notes, scales, arpeggios and chords, leaving you to concentrate on the cool stuff like technique, rhythm and musicianship? You can easily recommend Guitar Notes Master to your pupils by giving them your personal affiliate link and collect over $20 from each one when they buy the software.

How Do I Join?

Joining the Guitar Notes Master affiliate program is easy and free! Just follow these steps:

1) Sign-up For A Clickbank Account

This is easy and free!

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2) Create Your Hoplink and Promote It

Your hoplink is your own special link that will track the sales made by people that click on it to get to the Guitar Notes Master website. There are two ways of doing this:

  1. Use the Clickbank page to generate a cloaked affiliate link. This is good because people can't modify it to remove your affiliate ID, but the generated links are not very readable so are best used in websites, blogs etc. You can use a URL shortening service such as to create a short and more readable link to your affiliate link. Or...
  2. Create a link in the form:, replacing YOURID with your Clickbank ID.

Promote your link! Put it up on your website, blog, Twitter feed or other similar social networking sites you may be a member of. Send it by e-mail to your mailing list, your guitar playing friends or your pupils. Put it in your signature in your e-mail or forum (if permitted by that forum). You could even pay for advertising, for example with Google Pay-Per-Click - remember you make over $20 a sale so if you can pay less for advertising than you're making in sales then you've got a good business!

3) Sign-Up For Our Affiliate Mailing List

Enter your name and e-mail address here in order to get access to our affiliate resources page to help you promote Guitar Notes Master, and so that we can notify you of any new resources, new products or other important updates to our affiliate program:

Anti-Spam Policy

We don't tolerate affiliates who use illegal and unethical techniques to promote Guitar Notes Master. Clickbank may terminate the account of anyone found using such techniques and they will no longer be permitted to promote Guitar Notes Master.

Guitar Notes Master for Android

As Guitar Notes Master for Android is sold via the Google Play Store and not Clickbank it is not possible to pay affiliate commissions on sales of Guitar Notes Master for Android. Only sales of the PC version of Guitar Notes Master qualify for payment of affiliate commission.